Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Something wicked this way comes


Happy day after America’s birthday, everyone! How were your festivities? Did you set anything on fire? Did you enjoy delicious American beers? Did you pledge your allegiance to the flag? I did not do any of those things. I floated in the pool for three straight days rereading Pride and Prejudice and Sense and Sensibility for about the hundredth time. I always forget how book Darcy is a bigger dick than Colin Firth or Matthew MacFadyen’s Darcys, but also I always forget how much greater his redemption is in the end. Goddamn, I love me some Fitzwilliam Darcy. I’d marry him so much.

This week’s Collective topic is: If you could learn to do anything with only a month’s worth of practice, what would you learn?

I am not what you’d call “skilled” at “a lot” of “things.” I pretty much just scrape by in life by being nice and begging people to forgive me. My life would be infinitely less stressful if I could learn to do lots of things with a month’s worth of practice. Like time management. Or saying no management. Or, like, learning to read a calendar. Alas, if I really could do master one thing in a month, I would absolutely master the piano.

Like this much:

The Sugar Plum Fairy one is my favorite.


Rachel said...

That is amazing piano playing.

I love the Chaz n Dave version, personally!

Jennie said...

YES. You know that part in Groundhog Day where he takes piano lessons and gets really awesome at it? That is exactly what I would do.

Ashley said...

Since I can already play the piano, I would learn to play the violin. I've always wanted to play, but it looks soooo hard.

eclectic said...

I would like to learn to write, please.

Dave said...

Holy Cow. I just navigated to your old blog page and came across an Oriental moving information page!