Monday, 5 March 2012

I want to go to there.


My latest, greatest distraction from work these days is Cabin Porn. I have spent countless hours scrolling through the archives of that gem of a Tumblr, crafting elaborate Heather/Cabin fan fiction in my head.

Like, OK. This meet-cute goes: I'm hiking in the north Georgia mountains and I stumble upon this cabin, which happens to be for sale at a reasonable price, which is such a surprise since it has been certified 100 Percent Bear-Free by the DNR. So I buy it and spend every weekend here. Margaret and Scout, they can frolick and chase squirrels. Me and Amy can hike or ride ATVs or explore. And best of all: No internet. Which means: No work. I could just read books and get caught up all the TV on DVD I want to see and be outside, outside, outside in the clean mountain air.

And then there's this guy. I have to take my helicopter here, of course. But again: No internet. And thanks to the weather, I'm not going anywhere. It's just books and soups and chili and crackling fires. For like weeks probably.

And then my cabin home in Middle Earth, so for when I have business in The Shire, etc.

What I'm trying to say is that my wildest fantasies these days involve seclusion with no deadlines or WiFi in sight. Just me and a lot of quiet and quilts and pajamas.

And yet, here I am on a Sunday morning, tucked into bed during a thunderstorm, just drinking tea and reading the newspaper, to which I still subscribe.

But then, it's clunky and it doesn't have all the information I need and also, what did whatever blog say about that story, and what does Twitter think about that thing, and did anyone post some hilarious GIFs about it on Tumblr? Better whip out the iPad and check that shit out and also snap a photo with my Droid while I'm at it. It just makes me wonder: What if I'm so addicted to technology I wouldn't be happy in my True Love Cabins?

Never mind.

I'd sell my soul to spend an unproductive month in that place.


kat said...

So, there's like a cot or something in there for me, right?

Heather Anne Hogan said...

More like a whole bedroom for you!

eclectic said...

I have a thermarest & sleeping bag to throw on the floor somewhere, if there's room. Please?

Heather Anne Hogan said...

Um, of course.

linster said...

All I know is that today's Groupon is for a giant cabin-like place in Wyoming with room for ALL of us where we could have apple pancakes made by somebody else and then go off to our isolated days of reading and napping and cuddling with our respective pets.

Yes, that is one sentence.
This place is gorgeous.

Ashley said...

Yes, very yes to this whole post.

Kerri Anne said...

Wait, were you saying something? I'm suddenly preoccupied with moving to Finland to occupy that first cabin.

Also: Do you know/follow View From the Tent?( Go Go Gadget Camping Porn!

Jennie said...


(Or...basically anywhere that isn't work)