Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Wake up in the late afternoon

Abs I'm prettiest much the laziest person I know and the only time I can muster any guilt about it is when I've actually made bigger problems from my laziness. Bigger problems that make things harder for other, specifically.

Lazy days are my fuel. I stuff them in the crevices between work-packed days and even between busy mornings and busier evenings. My lazy days have to-do lists unto themselves so I can MAXIMIZE MY LAZY. (I pro-pro-promise you this is not the opposite of being lazy, unless you count prioritize my gaming as productive.)

Without my lazy days (or moments) I become a stress-ball. I get ragey and unreasonable and violent. I do stupid things. I start letting my lazy tendencies seep into the rest of my life and suddenly my work isn't getting done or I'm not using my turn signals or I don't have groceries. I'm not exactly delightful. And then I'm back to making bigger problems for other people and it's all because I didn't get to watch all my shows last Saturday.

Excuse me while I go call in sick to work.


Jennie said...

This? Yes, me too.

Ashley said...

I make lazy day lists, too! It's really satisfying.