Wednesday, 8 September 2010

This is what a toast is, right?

Jennie and Joe went up the hill
To fetch a marriage license
Joe came down, much faster cause his legs
Are twice as long.

Walk, walk, walk the walk
Gently down the aisle
Marry, marry, marry, marry
Go get wed in style.

Joe be nimble,
Joe be quick,
Joe may kiss the bride.

Jennie, Jennie, quite contrary,
How does your day unfold?
With sweet kisses, and new Mrs.
And pretty maids all in a row.

Roses are red,
violets are blue,
I can't wait to get to Ohio
and see your wedding too.


Joe G. said...

I have trouble going down hills because I'm so tall and my center of gravity is so high. I tip over easily. I'm like a big, bipedal cow.

Also, I can't wait for you to get to Ohio, too!

me said...

Super Duper Cute Ab!

Super Duper Cute Save the Date!

I love weddings :)

Sarah G

Jennie said...

This is so cute! I'M SO EXCITED.

And Joe, that is an...interesting mental picture.

Ashley said...

Jennie and Joe, at some unspecified date in the future, can I hire you to be my wedding planner? I will pay you money to make my wedding as fun as yours looks like it's going to be.

I also enjoyed the bipedal cow imagery, Joe.

mysterygirl! said...

Excellent rhymes! The first one is my favorite. And I LOVE the photobooth pictures. Awesome.

eclectic said...

Rhyming toasts! I love this week at The Collective. Well, who am I kidding... I love EVERY week at The Collective.