Tuesday, 26 October 2010

My Halloween go-tos are pretty basic:

1. Candy is delicious and should be celebrated.

2. Don't be a whore.

3. Go to the parties you get invited to, even if it's a million in one weekend. Because if you don't, you'll stop getting invited. (Wah. Wah.)

I'm trying my best to gear up and observe my Halloween traditions complete with costume, candy, and non-whoring. But I don't have a costume idea yet. So far the best idea I've heard is "a joke." I mean, it's so weird and funny! I don't know what that would look like, but I love imagining someone asking me what I am and saying, "I'm being a joke!"

On account of that doesn't make sense and is only funny to me I'm open to other suggestions. I'd love to go as someone from one of my favorite million TV shows but those usually require me buying Dwight Shrute glasses and/or no one ever recognizes me. Maybe I should just rock a Buy More polo and call it a day.


Jennie said...

I'm in complete denial that Halloween is this weekend. WHERE DID OCTOBER GO?

mysterygirl! said...

2. Don't be a whore is always excellent advice.

And yeah, I can't believe next week is November.

Julie G. said...

Don't let your costume turn you into a whore either. I was in a party store last week shopping with a friend whose daughter wanted to be a "barbie mermaid with wings" and we both noticed how all of the women's costumes and most of the girls costumes were varying types of whores. The French Maid Whore. The Pirate Whore. The Lion Whore. Betty Rubble as a Whore. The Vampire Whore. A Ghostbusters Whore.

It was crazy.

eclectic said...

Run Jen Run went as a karaoke machine a few years back and it looked awesome. I have no good ideas of my own, but I have a great memory for other people's. Good luck!

april said...

All of my suggestions include Hogwarts, Star Wars, or Star Trek.

Candy IS delicious. That's the best part of Halloween.

kat said...

I really hate that Halloween has become an excuse for women to dress like whores. Ugh.

One year in law school a friend of mine went as a Smarty Pants, as in, she super-glued a bunch of smarties to her pants. It was super cute!