Thursday, 28 October 2010

workin' on my night cheese

Jennie Last year, Heidi and I invited friends over for Halloween. We decorated with dollar store Halloween decorations and ghosts made from paper plates. I made a crock pot full of cheese dip, another crock pot full of apple cider, and we played Rock Band until we all got tired really early because we're old now. Joe and I dressed as Scooby Doo and Velma and had occasion to wear the costumes at least twice, which was good since Joe put a lot of work into his Scooby mask. I put in far less effort since I already had the Velma glasses/hair/face/height and all I had to do was buy an orange sweater.

The year before, Joe and I dressed up as Lucy and Charlie Brown and went to the Oregon District with Heidi (Rainbow Brite) and Steve (Steve Holt!). We ended up at a party with funfetti cupcakes and a woman dressed as Sarah Palin who had glued creepy baby dolls to her costume. Before we left our apartment, I made everyone drink scary Kool-aid that I'd mixed with lots of sugar and all vodka, no water. It was...kind of gross and very strong and we didn't even finish half of it.

The year before that, Heidi and Steve and I dressed up as Three's Company. We went to the Oregon District with Wancy and it was freezing so we didn't stay long. This was relatively sane compared to the year before, when we went on a party bus bar crawl. Heidi and I waited too long to come up with costumes, so she ended up as some sort of scary person in a black cape and I borrowed her slutty devil costume. That Halloween marks the one and only time I dressed as a slutty anything (on purpose, anyway) and I think it (and the tequila) definitely affected me because I ended up making out with Heidi's friend's cousin, Farmer Joe. So. Yeah. We talked on the phone a few times afterward but he was very quiet and I soon ran out of questions to ask about farming once I found out he didn't even have chickens on his farm. WTF is that? Anyway.

I say all this to illustrate how CAPTAIN INSANO it is that I'm not doing anything for Halloween this year. I haven't bought any Halloween candy because I'm not sure we get trick-or-treaters where we live. I have no costume, or thoughts of what costume I might try and throw together. It's possible that someone might think I'm dressed as Liz Lemon (with no effort at all on my part), given my glasses, air-dried-wavy!hair, and tendency to fall down. I'd better go pick up some night cheese, just in cases.

I suppose this year, instead of dressing up and cavorting around some party-type-location with a beer in each hand, we'll just stay home. Maybe watch some scary movies. And, hopefully, dress Max up in a hot dog costume because OMG YOU GUYS:



mysterygirl! said...

Aww, Max would be the cutest in that.

Joe G. said...

I think we'll definitely be watching the premiere of The Walking Dead on Halloween this year.

Also, who's this Farmer Joe fellow and why haven't I heard of him before? How many other Joes did you date and/or make out with?!?

Eh, whatever, I won in the end.

Jennie said...

There were two Joes before you. Third time's a charm, I guess. Also, yes to The Walking Dead.

eclectic said...

There's no point in anyone being in any costume at all anymore, because Max's makes every other costume look like a rank amateur attempt. It's perfect! I love him! Please give him a muzzle kiss for me.

april said...

My mom's dog needs that costume!