Thursday, 7 October 2010

No! Sleep! Til Brooklyn!

Jennie I'm finding it just as hard as everyone else to recap The Great Journey To Ohio, pretty much the same amount of trouble I had recapping my actual wedding, but whatever, here goes. I have a much different perspective of DaytonCollectiveCon 2010, as I was busy with wedding preparations while they were out drinking bowls of rum and planning golf-cart-stealing-missions NOT THAT I'M BITTER OR ANYTHING (heh), but I did get a chance to have some quality time with all of them and THANK GOODNESS, otherwise I would have stabbed a baby or something.

On the Thursday before the wedding, Joe and I dropped off all of our junk at the reception hall, and when we got home, we found Heather and Abigail throwing rocks in a pond. Naturally. Abigail ran to the car and explained that Heather Anne was getting in trouble with some old lady but it turns out she was just becoming BFF with one of our neighbors BECAUSE OF COURSE SHE WAS.

Then we went to Hoover (Huber) Heights and made pottery. Abigail got stressed, Joe and Heather calmly made awesomeness, and I just did what Abigail told me to do. Here are the results:


We were pretty hungry after pottery, so we got some food and some drinks and some more drinks and I might have stolen a VC Andrews book from the bar. Before you ask why anyone would steal a VC Andrews book from anywhere, please let us wonder WHY there was a VC Andrews book in a bar. MORE THAN ONE, actually. But no Flowers in the Attic, unfortunately.

We eventually left the bar, went to the park nearby, took pictures on a dinosaur, ran through a drive-through for beers, and played Rock Band until 3 in the morning even though I knew I had to be up at 7:30 the next morning. I don't make good decisions when I'm drinking OR when I'm having fun, because I want the fun to go on forever. NO ONE GETS TO SLEEP UNTIL I SAY. Also, I'm always the last to go to bed. ALWAYS. Anyway. Here are some pictures:

beers werewolf?
Dino bit me

Kat and Seth got in on Friday and, after they all learned about Prohibition, they came over and hung out for a while. Max fell in love with Kat but I don't have any pictures of that.

Saturday was the wedding. I already talked lots about that. But here are some fun surprises The Collective left in our guest book:

winston schilbo was here guest book

And what Abigail said was true...after the after-party, The Collective drove Joe and I home and when we got there, I was all, "COME INSIDE AND PLAY ROCK BAND," and they were all, "Jennie, it's 3 AM, go to bed," and I was all, "BUT I LOVE YOU GUYS AND I WANT TO PLAY ROCK BAND." They are all smarter than I am, however, so they did not come inside and play Rock Band. Instead they reminded me that I'd be seeing them again in three weeks, so finally, I was like, "OK, fine, I'll get out of your car now." But now it's three weeks later and we're headed to DC TOMORROW and after that WHO KNOWS how long it will be until we're all together again so my point is that I don't know how they're going to make me go to bed this time.

Also, here is a picture of something awesome* for no raisin:


*courtesy of Joe, obvs


Heather Anne said...

I just remembered something about your guest book. SOMEONE wrote in that thing that they are the nicest person you know. And I wrote underneath it that *I* am actually the nicest person you know. But then I realized saying I was the nicest actually proves that I'm not the nicest. Bad show, HH.

Anyhoodle, that Flash coaster. Joe is such a show off.

Jennie said...

Yes! That made me LOL. I forgot to take a picture of it, though, because I forgot about it until just now. Hee.

Abigail said...

I am trying not to panic, but um, is my bowl in the back because it turned out gross? That green looks... not good.

Jennie said...

Of course not! It was hard to get a good picture of all of them together and I was too lazy to take individual ones. Plus the lighting is all weird. I promise you that it looks awesome.

Jennie said...

Like, so awesome that I considered telling you that it broke so I could keep it.

eclectic said...

You actually read your guest book? And you've been married, what, 2 or 3 weeks?? We still haven't read ours. I'm not even sure it still exists. I'm so intimidated by you right now! ;)

Joe G. said...

Heather Anne, that was my friend Amelia. She's not really the nicest person I know at all. You are, by far, way nicer than she is.

Abigail, your bowl looks great! As does Jennie's. And Heather's mug. We really all did very nice work that day.

april said...

Oh, there is so much awesome here.

The cake? AWESOME.

The dinosaur? AWESOME.

The guest book surprises? AWESOME.

The pottery? AWESOME. I want to paint pottery now!

Also, Jennie, you sound just like my friend, Jessie. "NO ONE GETS TO SLEEP UNTIL I SAY." We call her a fun-pusher. You're totally a fun-pusher! :)