Tuesday, 17 May 2011

The facts were these:

Jennie The other day, Joe and I were talking about Party Down. You know, like you do. Or like we do, ever since I mainlined the entire first season on Netflix on one of my days off so many moons ago (on Kat's recommendation...you guys, do what Kat says). When I started watching the first episode, I emailed Joe and was all, "Hey, I'm watching this show...it's pretty funny...Jane Lynch is in it...so is Vinnie Van Lowe...and Janis Ian...and Dick Casablancas...AND BILL HAVERCHUCK" but by the time he got home from work, I was like, "OMG JOE SIT DOWN RIGHT NOW AND WATCH THIS SHOW RIGHT NOW RIGHT NOW WHY ARE YOU TAKING YOUR COAT OFF THIS IS JUST! TOO! GOOD!"

(As I was writing this, I lost myself down a Bill Haverchuck wormhole on the YouTube and briefly considered changing my answer to Freaks & Geeks...but it's TOO LATE, people, I already wrote a whole paragraph.)

I find myself getting far too attached to fictional people, like, way more often than is probably healthy. Especially TV people. I don't know why and I'd rather not get into what the psychological reasons might be because YIKES but you guys, sometimes I act like the fate of the world hinges upon whether two TV characters are going to ever MAKE OUT ALREADY. Lois and Clark, Mulder and Scully, Jim and Pam, April and Andy, Ned and Chuck, Peter and Olivia, me and The Doctor...I can ship with the best of them.

So I think my unhealthy attachment to Party Down MIGHT have something to do with my desire to see Henry and Casey just make out already, except I don't know, they made out all the time, so maybe I wanted to see them hold hands and go on a picnic? What am I saying right now? I don't know. Anyway.

Right, so, Joe and I were talking about Party Down and I said that I wish I could jump into the show and live there because all the characters are so funny. He said that was way depressing because they all hated their jobs and most of them had absolutely debbie downer lives, at which point, I said, FINE, I'll go live inside Pushing Daisies where it is all whimsical, all the time, and be like, "Ned, I know you and Chuck can't make out so if you need a stand in, I'M HERE. No feelings, just make-outs," and Joe was all, "...ooook?" and I said, "what, it makes sense because he loves Chuck but I'm sure he has NEEDS," and Joe was like, "can we change the subject, please?"

So the answer to this week's question (which is (in case you forgot): what TV show reunion would you most like to see?) is either Party Down or Pushing Daisies because both were canceled far, far too early.



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Gretchen Alice said...

I've only seen the pilot for Party Down and I keep meaning to watch more. And, yeah, Pushing Daisies. :(