Friday, 27 May 2011

Hogwarts, Hogwarts, Hoggy Warty Hogwarts

Jennie  I suppose if I really wanted to live anywhere other than Dayton, Ohio, well, I'd be living there. I complain about living here a lot, but it's not so bad. It's pretty damn good, even, most of the time. Plus, most of my family is here and if you've met my family, you know that's a good thing and not a TERRIBLE TERRIBLE LET'S RUN AWAY thing.

However, sometimes the weather can leave a lot to be desired. The winters are frigid, frequently snowy and almost always icy. The summers are hot and humid and full of mosquitoes. And the other night, there was a tornado warning and I really truly believed we were going to be carried away to Oz. WHICH WOULD BE AWESOME. Right? As long as you didn't crush anyone with your house?

Obviously, if I were to live anywhere but where I do now, which would probably require a lot of effort on my part, I'd want to make sure it was worth my while and THEREFORE I would have to move somewhere fictional. So, you know, probably somewhere from this list:

1. Oz. I would get drunk with the Scarecrow and then we'd punch the Cowardly Lion straight in his stupid, cowardly face.
2. Hogwarts. No explanation necessary.
3. The Tardis. No explanation necessary.
4. The North Pole (which is totally fictional according to Robin Scherbatsky) but wait, never mind, it's too damn cold there
5. Speaking of Robin Scherbatsky, I'd like to live upstairs from MacLaren's
6. Or Central Perk (but mostly MacLaren's because I think I'd rather hang out with the HIMYM friends than the Friends friends I KNOW, WHAT AM I SAYING, but whatever, I stand by it, also Ted = Ross. Yes?)
7. New New York, New York. First order of business? Grab a beer with Bender Bending Rodriguez.
8. Craphole Island. It wasn't so bad, really, if you ignore the smoke monster and The Others and The Dharma Initiative and everyone fighting all the time and trying to kill one look at this pretty picture of Sawyer.
9. The Pie Hole. Solving mysteries! FREE PIE.
10. Sunnydale or Neptune, California. Solving mysteries! Free, um,, actually, these places would probably kind of suck. LITERALLY, in one case.


Heather Anne Hogan said...

I never even thought about living in the Tardis! SHAME ON ME.

Jennie said...

Seriously, how can I make this happen?

Ashley said...

I think I'd rather hang out with the HIMYM peeps than Friends ones, too. They seem more relatable. Maybe it's a generational thing?