Thursday, 16 June 2011

Here lies Carrie. She had two loves and lots o' shoes.

The thing about shoes is that... I kind of hate them. It's been a life long battle since my feet grew into size 11 longfellows when I was only 14. For the longest time it was hard to find cute shoes that weren't a million dollars. Eventually, in the last 8 years or so Target and Payless have slowly rolled out passable shoes in my size and things got compulsive in there for a bit and then I realized (like all my other compulsives buys before) that I don't actually need any of that stuff.

These are all the shoes I got now:

It's pretty basic. One pair of black heels, one pair of brown heels. One pair of black flats. Snow boots. Chucks. Tennies. Running shoes. Old running shoes for doing chores. One fancy fun pair of green shoes because I love green. And that's it. That's all I need.

Except some flip flops. I would really, really, REALLY like to put some shoes onto my feet with little to no effort. Unfortunately I'm battling two fronts: I have gross-you-don't-even-want-to-know feet sweat and I have knee problems. Which means that nothing works. I'm a whiner. And it's summer. So I'm whining about this problem A LOT. You're welcome.

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