Tuesday, 7 June 2011

it's looking like a limb torn off

AbsI've done a lot of reckless things--writing a very personal blog under my real, full name comes to mind--but I tend to shrug them off as par for the course. But! One time I did something really really really stupid.

I saw a mama bear and two cubs trolling the Yosemite Valley Floor campgrounds in the early morning hours. It's not rare, but it's very dangerous and that's why you have to put all your food and crumbies and trash and colorful things into the steel bear lockers every night. And then you're supposed to hide. FROM THE BEARS.

But I was freezing cold (it was only 2 degrees Fahrenheit once the sun came up) and trying to jog around to keep myself breathing and there they were being a cute bear family and the cubbies were wittle and fluffy and they were just looking for some foods. Just sooo cute. And so instead of getting back in my tent or getting in my car and driving far away, I started following them. Bad idea alert. But look! So cute!


Jennie said...

And then you told Heather and she killed you, right? Hee.

They are so cute!

kat said...

jennie, that was my first thought exactly :)

eclectic said...

Oh, they're SO cute! But yeah... don't tell Heather Anne.

mysterygirl! said...

Yeah, now any time I see bears I think about Heather Anne. Sorry. :( I thought that even this post might kill her.

That's really scary. It's looking right at you!!

becca said...

Bears will eat you.