Wednesday, 7 September 2011

A life not void of pure intent

AbsThis time of year means a lot of things to me. First of all, I work in higher education so I've been obsessively tracking enrollment data for the last four weeks because students = money = paycheck. Second of all, I'm supposed to be in school right now getting a degree in Business Cats but I once again have to take a leave of absence from school cause the rest of my life is... in disarray.

But what I observe most is that fall marks my anniversary of moving to California. I came here for school and I've never left. I was lost and now found. And I'm back again, running hard, one foot in front of the other, chin up, clear-eyed, straight into my tenth year.

Roseview Liquor

baby jesus cleared the smog and gave us snow

woo! woo!


I love my job

This is home.


Andrew Bailey said...

Ten years... what a weird thought!

kat said...

i absolutely ADORE that last picture of you.

Jennie said...

Yeah, that last picture is totally badass.

eclectic said...

Yup. The photo of you in the golf cart steals the show from this whole post! SO great!

mysterygirl! said...

I just came to the blog from Reader to post that very comment. Golf cart badassery.

Sally said...

Kazaam! Ten years!

Abigail said...

I didn't realize the picture was such a big hit! Time for a fb profile pic update.

Kiti said...

I'm so impressed! It has always been my secret (now not-so-secret) ambition to have a job wherein I drive an electric cart (and carry a walkie-talkie). *sigh*