Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Well, things at Collective HQ are a little glitchy this week, as you can probably tell from Heather's post on Monday and Abigail's lack of post yesterday (don't worry, it's a-comin'). I myself have been trying to get a guest post out of Winston for the last two days but he's been a bit uncooperative on account of being real sick. So in lieu of any words from this kid here:


perhaps you'd like to read some of his antics here. And one day, ONE DAY, maybe we'll get our collective asses together.


mysterygirl! said...

I always want pictures of and news about Winston.

Jennie said...

I didn't want to say it too soon, but this week feels like a WORST. DAY. EVER. Week.

eclectic said...

Winston is always a good idea. Sorry it's a glitchy week. It's almost over though, so does that help?