Monday, 24 October 2011

Warewolf bar mitzvah, spooky scary!

Last week's Collective topic was: What are you putting off doing right now. Get it? Because I was supposed to post about what I was putting off doing, but what I was putting off doing was writing my Collective post? Is that even a joke? Is it like that time Alanis Morissette got confused about irony and then got stoned and made out with Carrie Bradshaw, and no matter what, that had to be better than every single time that Carrie Bradshaw made out with Aidan Shaw because he is the worst person on earth? Does anyone have any idea what the heck I'm talking about? ME NEITHER.

Anyway, so this week's Collective topic is: Halloweiner stories!

And here's mine:

Once upon a time, a family went on a train ride to a pumpkin patch.

The greatest aunt in all the world tried to help the greatest nephew in all the world pick out the greatest pumpkin in all the world.

Like usual, the nephew was all, "I can have one? Awesome. I'll have two."

But they were too heavy and so he just got one.

But even carrying one pumpkin is exhausting for a tiny, little lamb. Good thing the greatest aunt in all the world was there to carry him back to the train.

The end.


Gretchen Alice said...

This is a wonderful Halloween story.

Ashley said...

You rode a TRAIN to a PUMPKIN PATCH!? Fact: there are no trains in Arizona. It is awful.

Abigail said...

Ashley! This is lies! I rode an awesome baller train in Arizona to the Grand Canyon. It was really cool and they also do Polar Express rides. I think... it's in.. Williams? Billings? Something like that.

Also one time I was in Scottsdale for like one day and drove past a very serious looking train museum.

Jennie said...

I'm assuming that you also met The Great Pumpkin, but that he asked you not to take any pictures.

Ashley said...

Okay, there are no trains in Arizona where *I* live, which is the important part.

I do have to admit there is a really cool park in Scottsdale (hometown!) called McCormick Railroad Park and it was my favorite place as a kid. But all the trains are really TINY.

eclectic said...

The proper scouting and hunting and taking ownership of pumpkins is the single-most arduous task in the Fall, and I'm happy to see Hogan being indoctrinated with the necessary formalities. The proper carving of said pumpkins should (obviously) be left to Kat (and Winston). Which means that Kat needs to visit us all and carve all our pumpkins. Yay! Kat's coming to visit!!

(See what I did there?)

mysterygirl! said...

This is adorable.