Tuesday, 20 October 2009

My FarmVille Farm: A Peek Inside

Since Farmville came along, my daydreams have a gone a new direction.

There are two things I love about my Farm:

1) Looking at it and dreaming about living there.

2) Choosing my goals, achieving them, and thus, WINNING.

At first my goal was to catch up to all my neighbors--people who had been farming weeks before me. Thanks to guidance from Heather, I did this almost immediately.

Then I wanted to get all the ribbons so I bought a billion hay bales to do so. It looked like I was getting ready to torch my farm.

Then I wanted to have a pretty farm. So I got a house, and a hot air balloon, and a bike.

One day the circus came to town and I got some elephants. Too many elephants in fact. By the time the circus had left, I had 14 elephants. Sadly, they couldn't all stay on my farm.

My cute pink cottage wasn't cutting it SO I bought a ginormous farm house and opened the vineyards.

THEN they added mastery. Something new to achieve!

Yes! Something new!

And that's what I'm working on right now. I've scaled back on non-crop stuff (no more elephants or hot-air balloon or animals that produce slowly) so I can get mastery on ALL the crops (even artichokes, but I'm saving those for last).

This game is awesome. Why don't you come visit my farm? Pick a pumpkin from my patch or visit the petting zoo...

pumpkin patch

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