Wednesday, 30 March 2011

But my words like silent raindrops fell.

I am so over music is what I said to Jamie first thing when he got back from paternity leave, because I was sitting in my office, in the dark, scrolling through the thousand-odd albums I have loaded onto Mitch's iPod, and scrolling, and scrolling, while he looked slightly worried that I had maybe lost my marbles sometime when he was gone, and also a little disappointed that if I had, he missed out on all the fun. So I told him that I am so over music, which explained the scrolling, but not so much the sitting in the dark. (I was sitting in the dark because the lights in my office are attached to a motion sensor, and apparently I sometimes slip into another spacetime dimension which makes them suddenly turn off. What with all the slipping into another spacetime dimension and all. As I do. And then they do. Anywho.)

I am so over music, and don't even get me started on food, and the making of said food, because I have, like, zero interest in the "What do you want for dinner?" conversation. And writing! Writing is so worst. But as writing is how I make my living, write I must. And what must I write about? What I've been listening to in the month of March (To what I've been listening in the month of March.) Which is... nothing new. Whatever pops up on my Shuffle when I'm out for a run (Girl Talk, Bloc Party, Arctic Monkeys, The Hold Steady). Whatever they play at Caps games (Ozzy, DJ Pauly D, The xx, Tom Green). Um, that's it I guess. Here's a picture of my cat:


mysterygirl! said...

Winston looks like he's kind of over music, too.

I think some good new stuff is coming out this spring (I'm thinking of Okkervil River and Bon Iver in particular), so maybe that will start things going. Maybe we can even take the HOV lane to Richmond for some bands and some inadequate nachos again.

kat said...

those nachos had so much potential, too. man, what a disappointment.

Jennie said...


Also, I want some nachos.

Kiti said...

Warped Tour, Cincinnati, 2 Aug 2011. I don't know if you can bring Winston to Warped, though.

eclectic said...

Is it mere coincidence that Winston's name begins with 'win'? I think not.

I am 100% with you on the what's for dinner question and the cooking apathy. Notwithstanding the foregoing, I have inexplicably promised to make banana bread tonight for tomorrow; so I will be invoking your recipe and hoping the banana bread deity smiles.

Heather Anne Hogan said...

There is nothing more disappointing than disappointing nachos.