Tuesday, 29 March 2011

will you still know me in a year?

AbsIs it me or do we write about music a lot on here? It feels like every month I'm scrambling to reveal something when in actuality the only music I listen is while I'm asleep and my radio alarm clock is whaling Florence and the Machine at me and then I quick turn it off. Not a lot of tunes in my life. (Podcasts in my car. Silence at work.) But every once in a while, I happen to notice the song playing on my TV and thanks to the beauty of the internet I can sometimes look up those songs. Fancy that.

Squealing Pigs by Admiral Fallows
in Chuck vs. the First Bank of Evil


eclectic said...

I had never heard of them or this song, but I LOVE it!

Jennie said...

We do post a lot about music, don't we? That said, I have no idea what I'm going to post tomorrow.