Thursday, 24 March 2011

Easy like a Sunday morning

I just moved so sadly there isn't anything up in my new place. It's been raining non stop for like a month it feels like so I haven't been able to finish crafting some stuff for my walls (spray paint is the extent of my crafting). Plus I'm pretty sure my walls are made out of plaster which: I don't think nailing into that is a good plan.

I do have a vision and eventually, you know, maybe I'll even have a bed. Who's to say.

But for now, I'll convince myself that this is calming and pitter patter into my transformed, formerly-sterile bathroom each morning.


mysterygirl! said...


eclectic said...

Meh... why have a bed when who has time to sleep anyway?! You have a great eye for color and the feel of a room, so I'm certain that whenever you decide to decorate, it will be beautiful!

Emily said...

You can nail into plaster as long as it's into a stud. They sell stud finders for cheap. Otherwise, you can get drywall anchors that you can screw into with a power drill.

Jennie said...

When we buy a house, can I hire you to decorate?

Kiti said...

I want to say something nice and witty about walls or decor, but all I'm coming up with is an inappropriate comment about a "stud finder". *snicker*

Walls and decor are on my mind, though. I'm the anti-Martha Stewart, but I'm planning to put an offer on a house. Crazy!