Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Heather's sister ate her homework


I guess The Collective is supposed to be talking about the joy of childhood, and games? The joy of rocking when they were but The Wee Collective? Well, Heather Anne is a lazy, lazy woman who shirks her duty and needs her sister, (that's me, folks) to post for her. I suppose that makes her a bad contributor, but I'll tell you what she isn't bad at, and that is all things Super Mario Brothers, most specifically Mario Three (3). We'd probably be appalled if we knew the number our hours Heather and I spent lounging in our bright yellow bean bags, eating Doritos and playing Mario Three. Well, I read The Baby-Sitter's Club and Heather played Nintendo and on the rare occasions she 'died', I'd have a go for approximately three minutes.

Of all the things Heather is great at (writing, being nice, raising lovely dogs, running, reading, organizing books) all of those things pale in comparison to her Mario skills. She rocked it morning, noon and night. She rocked it while eating Cheerios, ham pickles, and Bagel Bites. She rocked it in the rain, in the snow and occasionally in the sunshine. I suppose you could consider it tragic that she peaked around the age of nine, and that everything since has really been downhill, but I don't. All her mad gaming skills have translated nicely to the internets, and haven't you all benefited from that?

I thought so.

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