Tuesday, 16 February 2010


Abs It's not Joe Week. Sorry, Joe. It's Craft Week, supposedly, but no offense Heather, um, your card is lacking a certain depth only provided by real craft supplies. Where is the glitter? Buttons? Dried macaroni?

I thought my craft was going to be the best thing that ever happened to the internet. The craft I would dream up would change lives. It would drive people to Michael's to buy over-priced art supplies.

But then I got sick.

Real sick.



So, no craft.

I do have a game though.

Are you guys watching the Olympics? I loooooove the Olympics so much. And since I can't do anything but sit at home and watch people do things, I've been watching a lot of Olympics (I've also been watching a lot of my roommate Katherine try to beat this really hard bouncy ball thing in Mario). And while I watch, I compete in....

Olympics BINGO

Sample board:

You too can play! 50 different boards are available for here (it's an easy peasy PDF). If I wasn't dying, I could have made some sort of bad ass Olympics logo watermark or even a Collective shout out. But, boring PDF it is.

Standard BINGO rules apply. When something happens you cross it off. When you get five in a row or on the diagonal you get BINGO (and then start a new board and collect a prize from the super cool Valentine's Day candy bucket at my house).

Here are some special rules that I think help control the fun, but you don't have to follow them.
Sports: They must be competing or doing a recap of ("coming up" commercials don't count)
Athletes names: name said or athlete shown
Words in quotes: exact word or phrase must be said

I think this game is sooooo fun. But that's because I'm a giant dork who also has had all the fun sucked out of her life. If you're interested in making your own version or adding stuff to the boards that I've forgotten, let me know and I can explain how I did. Maybe your version can have a cool Olympics logo watermark!


Joe G. said...

I never thought it was Joe Week. That would have been an exciting surprise, though, that's for sure.

Olympics Bingo sounds awesome. And I would bet it can easily be converted into an Olympics drinking game!

Ashley said...

I would be awful at Olympic BINGO because literally the only thing I watch religiously is pairs skating . . . and that is now over.

Jennie said...

Olympics Bingo sounds so fun! I want to play now.

kat said...

WHY are you just now reminding me of this? I could have so played all weekend while I was dripping snot all over my apartment!

Emily said...

Abigail, this is awesome!!! Printing now and waiting for Matt to get home so I don't have to play against myself. :)

eclectic said...

Are you better now? I hope so!! Sorry I didn't send you chicken soup or something. :(