Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Inevitable is the most important word in this post

Abs I think we're all pretty clear that I have two great loves in life: FarmVille and Zachary Levi. Somebody already wrote about the former and when I inevitably meet and marry Zac, I don't want there to be a string of stalker blog posts littering the internet. The other thing I considered declaring my love to is a cough syrup, but I think I'm still barely standing on the un-side of pathetic so I'm holding on to my dignity as long as possible.

That exhausts the options, save Chipotle. I wrote this in 2008 and I have yet to waiver.

Chicken burrito, hold the beans
Corn, tomato, and lots of greens
Dairy, yes -- and of course I'll pay for guac
I'll burn it off if I go for a walk
I can't help being so hasty
Because your tortillas are so tasty
Rhyming words can't describe your rice
Because it's just so much more than nice
I check your locations whenever I travel
If I go without my burrito I might unravel
I smile and wave when I see your sign
Chipotle, will you be my valentine?


mysterygirl! said...

Any valentine worth having would come with guac, so I completely concur.

eclectic said...

Yay guacomole!!