Monday, 19 April 2010

above the fruited plain

Hello? Helllloooo? Can you guys hear me?




Wow. Making echos happen is oddly satisfying.

The echoing is happening for two reasons.

The first reason is that The Collective is now an invite-only blog. This is for various top secret reasons that unfortunately have nothing to do with me becoming a spy. Sadly. If you're reading this, then you're already on the list, but if you forgot how you got here or you have a friend of a friend who is so upset that they can't lurk around and read our chatter, you can get on the list by emailing The bad news is that there isn't an RSS feed anymore. The good news is that I can now talk about the love of my life as much as I want. Mwa haha. Just kidding.

No, the actual good news is that we promise to post something every day Monday through Friday so your visit to us in not in vain. We feel terrible about the RSS thing (you know how much we love our Google Readers) and are looking for alternatives, but in the mean time there will always be something new here. Promise.

THe OTHER reason that the echo is happening is because we're in nature! Did you know? Look around you. Hear the birds chirping? Hear the sand move across the desert?

In my particular imagination, we are at the Grand Canyon. We've walked some distance away from the bustle of the Rim and out here we're testing the echos.




It's fun, huh?

We're out here because Earth Day is coming up on April 22 and all too often we forget about taking time to appreciate the Earth.

Oh no! My flight is boarding! I gotta go. So quick, some final thoughts: I feel guilty about flying on account of the emissions and I'm not sure that carbon replacement idea has all the kinks worked out yet, so I cringe a little when I board a plane. Sorry, Earth.

And here is a quick list of some things I love about the Earth:

tree shade
coffee beans
freshwater lakes
when grass gets really really long and falls over


Joe G. said...

I love coffee beans. Coffee the drink, I could live without, but the beans smell so good, and they're delicious when they're covered in chocolate.

Tree shade is also delightful.

mysterygirl! said...

Tree shade on a hot day is so best.

Jennie said...

Mmm, now I want some coffee.

Ashley said...

Lettuce? I don't know why, but for some reason that's hilarious right now.

scott said...

I love lettuce.

Hello, Collective.

me said...

Darn none Google Reader thing.. I didnt know that you posted :(
I just went online and signed some new petitions from Sierra Club and stuff for the Earth and all that good stuff :)..YOu can sign through change (dot) org.


Ms Elanious said...

So... my gmail account is tied through Blogger to a dummy blog, but it's really me. I promise. See the avatar? It's me.

Mmmmm.... coffee! As for Earth, we're planting plants and trees and bushes and shrubs like crazy this month, so... hopefully that makes up for a plane ride or two.

You know what I like best about Earth right now? It's tilted just right for my favorite time of year. YAY Spring!

Ms Elanious said...

OH NOES! My little flower avatar is NOT showing. It's me, Shari. Honest! Now I'm off to find out what happened to it.

Abigail said...

Joe G., I also love it when coffee beans are made into coffee ice cream which is the best ice cream.

mg!, true story.

jennie, i always want coffee.

ashley, probably cause you're imagining it let'ce.

scott, it's a good thing to like. it makes me feel very high and mighty.

sg, we hope to figure out a way to tell you we've posted.

ms. e., i believe it's you. no one else loves coffee as much.