Friday, 16 April 2010

Phone it in Friday: Hold me close, young Tony Danza*

Hey guys, have we told you recently that you all are our favorite people on this great, big, ridiculous Internet? Cause you are.

Could you do us a solid? Tell us what song makes you do a little dance. You know, make a little love. Pretty much get down tonight**.

*we'll love you even more if you get that
** and that


scott said...

I get both of those.

Hello, Collective.

scott said...

Now that I've said I get both of them, I begin to wonder if maybe I actually don't get them. Maybe they are not references to things but references to references to things. Now I'm confused.

eclectic said...

You have to promise not to mock me. Laugh if you must, I've got nothing against that, but mockery makes me sad. Deal? Okay then.

My current listen-obsessively song is Belief by John Mayer.

*sigh* Who am I kidding... it's been my current listen-obsessively song for like, 2 months.

Let the mockery begin. ;)

Ashley said...

It's the musical stylings of Miss Phoebe Buffay, and her beautiful assistant, Miss Chanandler Bong!

P.S. Here's mine.

You can call me, 'Sir' said...

This and this.

scott said...

I did not, in fact, get them. Oh well.

me said...

I did get them..and my FIRST comment got lost..with links and all. I dislike the computer.

.. I love Billy Joel esp; For the Longest Time and Scenese from an Italian Restaurant..

I love Five Satins ; In the Still of the Night (though right now I am enjoying the song The Platters-With this Ring..which we are mocking at the wedding-with afros!

I also enjoy greatly Jason Mraz -Mr. Rand McNally and Sunshine Song

ANDDD..whenever I'm down the Fiance sings this song which I love.. (My Little Buttercup).. Great Movie, also.

Have a Happy Happy Weekend!

me said...

of course my links were dumb.. so good luck with that..just youtube them or something.. and its Scenes from an Italian Restaurant..not the word I made up-up there.

Cate said...


I don't even want to talk about what's been playing on my radio these days. Embarrassing.

Gravesland said...

Get it. Love it

My boogie?: "Dirty Pop!"

Signed - Phil Spiderman

peefer said...

I don't have any favouurites at present, but the following were my very embarrassing favouurites at one point in time:

Bed of Roses by Bon Jovi
You Needed Me by Anne Murray
a lot of stuff by Rush

I'm going to stop before I'm ostracized.

Ashley said...

Also, for some reason I can't stop listening to Mr. Big's "To Be With You."

scott said...

Lately it's been:

"Sunshine (Go Away)" Jonathan Edwards
"A Better Man" Keb Mo
"Poker Face" Lady GaGa
"Gin and Juice" The Gourds
"Sympathique" Pink Martini
"Life During Wartime" Talking Heads
"Pressure Drop" Toots & the Maytals
"Fantastic Voyage" Coolio

Hello again.

RDG said...

Scott - Folk version or bluegrass version of Sunshine? Great list regardless!

scott said...

Folk. I've never heard the Bluegrass version. I'll have to check it out. Thanks.

matt said...

today it's been greg holden, "choking on the concrete."

most of the week, though, it's been frightened rabbit, "the loneliness and the scream" and the national, "lucky you." tonight i think it'll be nofx, "bottles to the ground." (it is a friday.)

Sally said...

My Favorite Things!

Jamie said...

For me it's been the galloping piano of "Ada," by The National (like Abigail I don't think I've stopped listening to Boxer for years), and "No One Would Riot For Less" by Bright Eyes, from the 3:37 minute mark through to the end.

Funnily enough, I'm also currently obsessed with the 3:30-ish minute mark of Ryan Adams, "Elizabeth, You Were Born To Play That Part." I now wonder when I started getting obsessed with songs at their three and a half minutes.