Friday, 23 April 2010

Phone it in Friday: Earth Day

Alright, people. Did you save the Earth yesterday? Did you feel smug because you save the Earth every day? Tell us why you love the Earth and what you're doing to help it! :)


peefer said...

To help the Earth, I hugged it. My arms are a little short for this, so they didn't quite wrap around. But my body DID make good abdominal contact. To be honest, it kind of looked like I was sleeping.

Ashley said...

I wish that all the things I loved didn't hurt the earth so much, like how all my books probably consist of 100 dead trees, and how every time I boot up my compy I probably kill a kitten with exhaust fumes. I wish they made it easier to be green. Kermit the Frog taught me that.

But hey, at least every time I eat a steak, I'm saving the world from one more animal whose farts bring about global warming.

~Tim said...

My blog is made of 100% recycled electrons so every time I post I'm saving the entire universe.