Wednesday, 18 August 2010

The few things At Which I Am Awesome


1. Lying.
2. Booking plane tickets at the exact right time.
3. Farming. (Well, virtual farming.)
4. Intersecting thoughts and feelings.
5. Operating the internet.
6. Telling people what to do.
7. Holding my liquor. Even enough to blog. (Or at least publish this earlier-written-post.)


mysterygirl! said...

I love your #1. Hilarious. You should give me lying lessons! Maybe I have some kind of talent I could give you lessons in in exchange.

Jennie said...

Sign me up for lying lessons, too. I'm a terrible liar.

Heather Anne said...

Have you guys ever watched Schilbo watch someone else try to operate the internet? It's like a cartoon character when steam comes out of its ears and then there's a train whistle and then its head explodes.

Ashley said...

I'm good at lying, too. It makes me feel guilty.

You can call me, 'Sir' said...

I envy your ninja-like skillz at successfully booking airline tickets at the right time. Here's how I usually do it:

Find ticket at decent price
Convince myself that I can do better
Spend a lot of time not doing better
Return to find the price increased
Rend my garments and curse the gods

Happy belated birthday, Abigail. No lie.

eclectic said...

Also hugs. You are totally awesome at giving hugs. And finding perfect gifts for people you don't even know -- you're not just awesome at that, it's a super-power!