Friday, 13 August 2010

Phone It In Friday: Who needs sleep?

Happy Friday! Did you know? Friday is the best day of all the (week)days. It's true, I read it on the internet.

So. You guys. What keeps you up at night? OR. What do you need in order to fall asleep?

PS: If you guys have any suggestions for topics or anything you'd like to see around here, please let us know.


Ashley said...

I came home last night from seeing Scott Pilgrim to find that my AC had crapped out. It is 5 AM and I can't sleep because it is currently 88 degrees and climbing in my house. It's supposed to be 107 today. Gonna die.

mysterygirl! said...

Oh, no. Sorry, Ashley. :( Yes, nice cool sleeping conditions are clutch in falling asleep.

me said...

I'm way cheesy..but I can't sleep anymore without hearing the now hubbys voice telling me goodnight.. about the collective now? I'm nosey.

What is HA working on lately?
KAT has a non-marriage..what will that entail?
Jenny is getting is that? always seem so knowledgeable and busy and traveling..what do you do?!

or you know, tell us something hopeful about what our World is going through these days!
Sarah G

Ashley said...

P.S. I would like to see you guys write letters to your future selves. Or try to predict the future or something nutty like that.

Jennie said...

Oh yuck, I cannot sleep if it's too hot.

eclectic said...

Letters to future selves = YES, PLEASE!

Also, Ashley, your broken A/C makes me very sad. Wanna come here? I'll make you very cold drinks and let you have an A/C vent all to yourself.

Ashley said...

Shari, you are like the nicest person ever. That sounds amazing. Unfortunately, I'd probably have to spend hundreds of dollars to get there.

matt said...

letters to future selves = yes.

also, another round of drunk posts? or, middle school stories? or, scar stories?

that might be all the ideas i have.

mysterygirl! said...

Have you guys done a post on your favorite products before/lately? I mean, I know the Collective is usually more highbrow than posts about their favorite brands of jeans or shampoo or whatever, but I would still be interested.

I also like Matt's ideas of middle school stories and scar stories.