Tuesday, 9 November 2010

gonna sip bacardi

AbsI’ve never been particularly good at wish lists. If I want something I buy it. If I can’t afford it then I move on to future dreams. If you want to buy me something, I love the idea of that, but I’m pretty picky about what I want and love and am overly sensitive about your ability to know what I want and love. I’m becoming increasingly fond of gift cards which makes me hate myself. Let’s not talk about presents.

Every year for my birthday all I really want is a gathering. I want everyone I love in one place with delicious food and flowing spirits and maybe some board games. I love that I get to pick where we go and I get to decide who’s invited. I spend a lot of my time worrying about other people, especially in social situations, so I try to not do that on my birthday. I think happy thoughts, or I drink until I do, and I celebrate a life I’ve made with people I love. It’s the greatest thing. An excellent playlist doesn't hurt either.

So, you all need to come to me next August. Okay?


mysterygirl! said...

Sounds like fun! I'll bring some spirits. :)

eclectic said...

I'm in! But I clearly need to remember not to match you drink for drink. Holy Hangover, Batman!

Jennie said...

Um, yes, please.