Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Make or sell 7 more to improve your Red Table Wine recipe.

AbsI don’t cook.

It’s not that I don’t know how. I get the general idea. And if I actually did it I’m sure I’d get along fine.

But I hate it. I’m too lazy, I’m too hungry, I’m too bored, I’m waaay too interested in other things. I can imagine a time in the future when I have all the time in the world and maybe I could “menu plan” then and things would be different. But for now, if I want to eat anything remotely healthy, I need to buy pre-prepared food. Both Trader Joe’s and Fresh & Easy excel at these. There are salads, sandwiches, egg rolls, tacos, and other heat-able delicacies that are fresh and just as healthy as if I made them myself. Plus, they cost a wee bit less than fast food. Win win.

However, it’s recipe week. What recipe can I show you?

Oh, look. It’s my farm. Awwww. And what are those buildings? Why, they’re my bakery, my winery, and my spa. I make things in them. Delicious things. Let’s peek inside the bakery.

Looking at that Potato Bread makes me hungry. Unfortunately, I can’t make it right now. I’m missing potatoes, onions, wheat, and posole corn. I should focus on Triple Berry Pie which is a lot easier to make.

Or Carrot Cake. Mmm. Although, this Carrot Cake recipe requires soy, so that worries me a little. But my favorite things of all to make can be found in my winery.

Why isn’t farming real life?


eclectic said...

Blueberry wine, please. Thanks. :)

Jennie said...

Also, Trader Joe's has those peppermint Joe-Joe's right now. Which are not healthy at all, but they are delicious and don't involve cooking anything.

Heather Anne Hogan said...

If farming was real life, imagine how filthy stinkin' rich you would be!

kat said...

I love this post.

april said...

I wish we had Trader Joe's.

Ashley said...

Whoa. Farmville has gotten scary since I quit it.