Thursday, 26 January 2012

It's also how I study for Movie Quote-offs

Jennie   Like, Kat, I was confused as to what this week’s topic was and so was complaining to Joe this morning about having no idea what to write. This happens pretty much every week, FYI. I was all, "This week’s Collective topic is favorite apps, I think? I don’t have any favorite apps." He logically suggested I instead write about my most used apps WHICH IS SO SMART but you guys, those are, like, Facebook and Twitter and Gmail. That’s pretty much it.

Except. EXCEPT. I might use the IMDb app even more than any other. And even if I write about my most used websites, IMDb is RIGHT UP THERE.

You guys. Do you remember when IMDb didn’t exist? NEITHER DO I. Not really. I don’t think I became aware of it until college. Before I even knew it existed, my goal was to become a living, breathing IMDb, so when I stumbled upon it during one magical web journey, it was like I’d discovered The Holy Grail. Or opened The Ark of the Covenant, only instead of melting my face off, it EXPLODED MY BRAIN WITH MOVIE KNOWLEDGE.

Like most college students, I spent an inordinate amount of time watching movies with my friends. And, oftentimes, while watching these movies, someone would say, "Who is that guy?" and I’d be all, "Joshua Jackson," and they’d be like, "What else has he been in?" and I’d be all, "" because back then I spoke in URL only.

Note: these were the days that Joshua Jackson was on Dawson’s Creek, but apparently none of my friends watched that? I don’t know. And, yeah, we were watching Urban Legend DON’T JUDGE ME. All I remember is everyone was super excited to learn that Pacey was also Charlie Conway from The Mighty Ducks, which they would have known if, like me, they’d spent most of their tween years reading BOP magazine.

Anyway, IMDb only made me more obnoxious. If, for some reason, I blanked on an actor’s name or why he looked familiar, I could go straight to IMDb and my curiosity was instantly satisfied. (Hey It’s That Guy helped, too.) What did people do before they could look up any piece of information whenever they wanted? Just NOT KNOW STUFF? THE HORROR.

After I got a smartphone, I immediately downloaded the IMDb app. Now when Joe and I watch movies together, I can look up the movie as we’re watching it (not in the movie theater, though, I’m not a complete asshole...only partial) and astound him with trivia about the movie, which he hates because he likes to look up trivia only after the movie is over. Me? I don’t even care if I get spoilered, I just like to know everything first.

I will use any excuse to post a Community gif.


Kiti said...

Since 1990, I've watched A LOT of old movies, I remember a lot about them, and I'm pretty good at identifying both major stars and character actors. There's a TV in the break room that only gets reception for two channels: local weather and THISTV Columbus, which shows really old TV shows and movies. It's like a little game to see check in and see what is playing during my lunch break and try to identify actors and possibly even the whole movie, without checking IMDB.

Kiti said...

My above comment should not be construed as implying that I have anything against IMDB, because I love it and it's probably in my top five most-visited websites.

Jennie said...

Oh, I definitely see what you're saying...I'd rather think of it myself without checking IMDb. If I have to check IMDb, it's like I lost. Hee.