Wednesday, 25 January 2012

When the sun shines, we'll shine together.

I do not own a smart phone; what I own is Lindsay Weir after her summer following the Dead around. I own wasted brain cells and wasted potential. I own a one-season wonder. I own obsolescence.

This week's topic is our favorite phone apps I think? But needless to say my phone does not support apps. It barely supports phone calls. Barely, but it does. Texts as well, and super-grainy pictures of Winston sitting in my lap. Like this one!

november thirty

Oh wait. I have just been informed that this week's topic is, in fact, favorite websites. Well, that's a horse of a different color! (Brown. I've always wanted a brown horse.) So, without further ado, here are my top five favorite websites for your clicking pleasure.

The Facebook

The Facebook is this place where you connect with your creepy former high school classmates who are now all tea baggers inexplicably obsessed with the fact that Casey Anthony lives two doors down. It is also the medium in which my sister chooses to pick fights with me. It is also where I play Farmville.


Did you know that the Internet is home to an almost endless supply of information? Because it is. And Yahoo! is the website I use to search for information on the Internet, especially now that Google is evil. It is also where I manage my fantasy hockey team.


Amazon is where I buy things. ALL THE THINGS.

The Weather Channel

Did you know that some television stations also have websites? No, really, they do! And did you know that some television stations show nothing but weather? And that these television stations also may have websites? I know, WHAT A WORLD. Well, this is one of those websites. It's perfect for finding out when you need an umbrella-ella-ella or a winter coat. Except for when it's wrong.

in kat's kitchen

And for my final "Did you know?", did you know that I have my very own website? Well I do! It's where I share lots of my very own recipes on how to cook food. It's also where I curse a lot. I'm classy like that.


eclectic said...

Your recipe website is the salvation of nutrition in my house. Truth.

Jennie said...

The last website is my favorite.

kat said...

aw shucks. but that reminds me of a thing i want to do with it that... i'll have to talk about later i guess.

Kerri Anne said...

Your recipes (and pictures of said recipes-turned-real-live-tasty-dinners) always look amazing.

Less food-related and yet still kind of amazing (or at least moderately amusing): How routinely I use the weather app on my phone when the only thing it does successfully is tell me whether it's night or day outside. You know, just in case I can't remember if it's 7:53am or 7:53pm right now. And, well, being that I've only had one cup of coffee, I suppose chances are good that distinction might indeed be difficult.