Tuesday, 10 January 2012

we two have run about the slopes

AbsI have preferences when it comes to numbers. Please be even. Be symmetrical. Be curvy.

2011 was not a great year, visually.

2012 just looks right.

2012 is even. It's nearly symmetrical. It's curvy. It's ripe. It's full of potential. It's making me nervous.

2012 is going to trample 2011:

New house. New office. New cities. Promises of new boys and new friends.

But mostly because this is the year I get a kitty to call my own.


kat said...

we want another kitty but we're afraid the stress of bringing anything else into this house will kill poor winston :(

eclectic said...

Kitty!! Awwwww.

Go 2012!

Gretchen Alice said...

Even numbers are so much better.
(I'm already dreading 2013.)
P.S. Pictures, please, when you get a kitty friend.

Jennie said...


I don't know.

I hope this year is magical, magical for you! And, kitty, yay!

Ashley said...


(Mike Wazowski!)