Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Why Everyone Should Love Procrastination


There are four types of people on this earth: procrastinators, people who think they are procrastinators, people who wish they're procrastinators, and people I don't understand. I have an open mind, I'm no hater, and so I mean no harm when I target you un-procrastinators, you get-things-done-ers, you spell-checkers and shoe-tie-ers. But first, let's separate the wheat from the chaff.

College Roommate, reading the book the weekend before it's due instead of two weeks before it's due is not procrastination. If you wait until the night before it's due AND give yourself about 1.5 hours to read instead of the 6 hours it should take THAT, my friend, is procrastination.

Friend From College, remember when I would have to stay up all night long and not sleep because my paper was being written? While I loved the way you stayed up with me and worked on your term paper, we both know that your term paper wasn't due for another five days. When you slumped over breakfast in the morning and complained about how tired you were, I rolled my eyes.

Roommate, how do you do it? Always making your lunch before you go to bed? Folding your laundry right away? Graduating early? Getting the best job ever? Being the most awesome person ever? Doesn't it get tiring?

(The rest of you, my people, the procrastinators, can just nod along to the rest of this and please add your own compelling arguments.)

Procrastination is awesome because it gives the gift of TIME. And in so many ways. For example, I've known I had to write this post for a week. I've had seven days. Some other writers (you know who you are) wrote their post seven days ago. And then they edited it. And rewrote it. And edited some more. And sure, maybe that helped the post. But listen to all the things I did instead of writing this post:

-went camping
-watched A LOT of Unsolved History on the Discovery Channel (apparently the show doesn't have an official site, wtf)
-told A LOT of people about A LOT of stuff they probably didn't care about history
-tried to go the library twice
-successfully went once
-listened to Bunny Tales reading while camping
-went fishing
-worked a lot
-saw some movies
-talked about the movies a lot

I mean, those are clearly ALL things I couldn't have done if I had been working on this post.

Another way it gives the gift of time is the way that you can accomplish stuff faster. I don't always do things very quickly (I get distracted easily, I get bored, I am thorough, take your pick) but if I am up against a DEADLINE I become the Master of Efficiency.

Well, I think I've proved my point.

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