Friday, 6 February 2009

Phone it in Friday: Punch it. Punch it good.

It's a pretty good day here at The Collective. FRIDAY. Also, we all got the week off, which is good because Kat! was getting ready for London and Abigail! was working 14 hour days and Heather! Anne! was busy watching Pat Summit win her 1000th game IN PERSON and Jennie! was . . . well, Jennie! filled up her free time this week with reading disturbing books and catching up on Lost and The Office. Very important, that.

Best of all, we got to read all about who some of you would like to punch. And some of you would like to punch a lot of people. Today, we'd like to hear who the rest of you would like to punch. OR, if you're the gentler type, who would you like to give a stern talking-to?

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