Friday, 21 May 2010

the doctor is in

Jennie This was pretty easy, because sometimes I think I look more like a cartoon character than a real person. This one time (at band camp), this lady came to our door to sell us some magazines and I have a hard time being mean ( someone's face) so I let her make her speech (all the while feeling like I'd been transplanted into Office Space) and was finally able to slip in that we couldn't buy any magazines because we used all of our extra moneys for beer, useless crap from the Target $1 spot, and junk food. She kept standing there and finally said, "I like your hair," and I was all, "oh, thank you" and (hair flip) and then she was like, "you look like that one girl," and I was like, "um, thanks?" and she said, "you know...Dora...Dora the explorer," and I was all, "this is because I wouldn't buy any of your magazines, isn't it?" Meanwhile, Heidi was upstairs listening to the whole thing and LingOL and then she bought me a Dora action figure for my birthday BECAUSE SHE IS MEANER THAN I AM. Ahem.

I think I made a pretty good Velma:

And an even better Lucy Van Pelt:

On account of, personality-wise, I'm probably most like Lucy. However, I don't have my own psychiatry business, which I'd like to change POST HASTE. Internets, tell me your problems and I will tell you what's wrong with you. I won't even charge you five cents, either.

PS: It is also Phone it in Friday, so please tell us what cartoon character/Muppet you would be...WE MUST KNOW. For science.


scott said...

I want to be Totoro.

Hello, Collective.

Jennie said...


(Scott, you should be Totoro now, did it work?)

scott said...

[glances around]
[makes rumbly noise]
[falls asleep]

You can call me, 'Sir' said...

At the moment, I'm leaning toward The Brain. Or maybe Dexter from Dexter's Laboratory fame. I'm missing a sidekick, though, so I'd have no Dee Dee or Pinky to foil things.

Joe G. said...

You were an excellent Lucy Van Pelt.

Cartoon character I would be: um, BATMAN, duh.

Cartoon character I actually am: Linus.

Jennie said...

You can't be Linus, that would make us brother and sister and GROSS.

Ms Elanious said...

Peppermint Patty. Although I'd like to be the cute little red haired girl. *sigh*

mysterygirl! said...

Oh my gosh, you DO make a great cartoon character.

I don't know which one I'd be. :( If you have any ideas, feel free to tell me.