Monday, 17 May 2010

What Cartoon/Muppet Character Am I?

AbsI asked Heather the answer to this question because a) she would know, and b) this is like her favorite game. But! she was a little busy doing actual work so I turned to google.

People posting quiz results on Facebook is my biggest pet peeve EVER, thank you giant IGNORE button. For one the quizzes are always poorly written, and for two if you're so bored that you're taking poorly written online quizzes then you are kind of a dumb ass. No, I do not care which Sex and the City character you are. (None of them is the correct answer, by the way.)

I took four of these inane quizzes that Google pointed me to and it was as painful as I imagined, with only one of the tests asking any questions that I thought applied at all. Here are the tentative results...

Quiz Farm, which featured questions such as "are you orange with black stripes?" (no) said:
You Scored as Garfield

You are Garfield! Shouldn't you be out chasing mice? Oh wait make that having a piece of lasanga!lol Your a loveable cat that seems to be everyone's best friend! Though you are a bit lazy


Go To Quiz told me:
Your Result: Superman

You are very reliable, and will help out in times of need! You would lift Mt. Everest to save a friend! Nothing to you is impossible, but have a tough time keeping up with life!


BoredQuiz tried to impress me by asking 20 questions instead of the traditional ten, but one of them was which TV character I am and used my birth date to determine the answer which was as confusing as it sounds. It said:

Sponge Bob: Always cheerful and kind whatever the circumstance is. You're a clean-cut person. Whenever given a challenge, you give it all you've got, even going to extreme lengths just to accomplish it. Even though years are piling up on you, you still possess a child-like manner; thus, you like playing with children. You are more of a literal type of person and you don't discern sarcasm very well; but it doesn't bother you.

I don't really like playing with children and the multiple choice question about that had "yes" as all four answers. And the years aren't exactly piling up since I'm only TWENTY FIVE, quiz! Oh, and sarcasm rocks.

Quizilla asked the most thoughtful questions, but determined I was a skunk:
You are Peppe Le Pew (without the smell)
You are a lover. Romance, flowers, and wine are all you need to enjoy yourself. You are serious about all commitments. A family person. You call your mom every Sunday, and never forget a Birthday. Don't let your passion for romance get confused with the real thing.

Nope. Not even a little bit.

So. I'm at a loss. I'm just me.


Ms Elanious said...

Poor Google doesn't know that you are Schilbo?! Schilbo knows what to eat for dinner, what to wear to a job interview, how to prioritize which TV show to DVR, which martini to order at 10:00pm, why pets are the best people, and how to make the best friends ever. Duh, Google. Don't be so stupid.

Abigail said...


Megan said...

Yeah, Ms. E should write all the quizzes.

scott said...

True story: My favorite cartoon character when I was a kid was a penguin named Schilbo on a show called "Schilbo's Magic Canoe." She was adorable and funny and kind.

What? It's true. As far as you know.

Hello, Collective.

Joe G. said...

Where are you, Collective? I miss you.