Thursday, 29 July 2010

like throwing arms round yesterday

Dear Fictional Personage,

It feels so strange to be in this place once again, writing you letters you’ll never see. I thought I’d left all this behind but after M---- mentioned your name a few weeks ago and I haven’t been able to get you out of my head. Before I knew what was good for me I went back and read pages upon pages because, God, how I miss you. You’re everything again, where here I thought you were gone for good.

And now it’s the way it used to be; sometimes I think you’re a disease, a creeping brain cloud, slowly sinking into every cell until I find myself wondering whether I’m not more you than me. If only that were true. You are a smart, compassionate, talented, talented man, and if I could be just a tenth of what you are I couldn’t consider my life a waste. I’d be like you, fighting the good fight, protecting my family, facing my fears when it is far, far easier to rabbit run run run.

But you’re gone now, and I don’t know where to. And though it’s been so long since first you went, I miss you now like I did then. You are adored, and wherever you may be on your next great adventure I hope you can feel how much we -- I -- still love you.


P.S. My mother talks to snakes and they do what she says. Told you I should have been sorted into Slytherin.


mysterygirl! said...

Sometimes the best letters to write are the ones the recipient will never see.

Great song.

Heather Anne said...

You’re everything again, where here I thought you were gone for good.

Boy, do I ever feel ya on this.

Jennie said...

I love when you write letters.

eclectic said...

I love when you write everything.

P.S. Harry could have been Slytherin too, but that helped make him the best Gryffindor.

kat said...

YOU GUYS. i think if they show lupin getting killed in deathly hallows i might not make it. i am still SO SAD.