Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Neal's smart and you know how much I like smart.

AbsDearest Neal Caffrey,

You know how I feel about men who steal things and you know how I feel about Bryce Larkin.

So when you traipsed into my Tuesdsay nights via Amy via Heather, I had no choice but to watch all the episodes I had missed in one day, and then find the White Collar forums to see what other people thought about the cliffhanger. Where was the music box? Was Peter bad? Was Kate good?

Neal, you are the sweetest thing and the cutest thing. You are both the right side and wrong side of the law, you are good cop bad cop, good criminal bad criminal.

Not only that, your abs are made of bronze and your smile is a butterfly, hovering on the edge of a summer's morn.

Other shows have come along on Tuesday nights, but I still watch you first. For the reasons I said and for one of my favorite ships, the friendship.

Neal Caffrey, you are a wizard. Don't stop.

Love, Schilbo

Ashley, how does that feel? Jealous much? Then STAY AWAY FROM CHUCK BARTOWSKI.


Ashley said...

FINE! I give! I give! Why can't we just all get along and covet each other's men? Oh, right, because WE'RE CRAZY PEOPLE.

Oh, God. I stared at this picture yesterday for at least 45 minutes, you guys. I need a fucking boyfriend. Or a job.

(BTW I'm finishing White Collar today. Also Mad Men season three, but who cares about those dumb alcoholics when Neal Caffrey is around?)

Jennie said...

He is very, very pretty.

Heather Anne said...

This is the first Collective post Amy has ever read. I thought she was going to fall out of her chair.

mysterygirl! said...

Wow, Ashley, great find. Love a man in glasses.

He really is pretty.

eclectic said...

You have such excellent taste in EVERYTHING! Especially bronze. Mmmmhmmmm.

kat said...

he has nice hair.