Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Way to go, Chuck. That's awesome.

AbsSo, yeah, maybe I do want to talk about Chuck. Maybe that’s all I ever want to do. And yeah, maybe it is the one show I’m looking forward to among all others. (Others being Bones, and... well.. Bones.) I was recently marveling at sports fans: at their ability to know stats of entire line ups, of the reaching history back years and years of wins and losses, coaches and MVPs. Such dedication, I marveled. Such commitment to memory.

And then I realized I’m the same.

I read TVbytheNumbers.com on a regular basis. I study the overnights and the shares. I know how important 18-49 is. And NBC knows how important it is.

Which is why I feel sooo nervous about the new NBC line up. There are some good-looking shows coming through: The Event. Chase. Undercovers. That’s something Lost-y, U.S. Marshals, and CIA spies. Yes, Chuck competes with the other shows on Monday nights (Dancing with the Stars, House, How I Met Your Mother), but what it really competes with is the NBC’s other programming. If any two of those shows are hits and Chuck remains at the ratings it’s currently at (fair to bad) then Chuck gets cut. SAD FACE.

I can’t let that happen. And so as sexy as sexpionage looks in Undercovers or as mysterious as The Event looks, I can’t watch them. And that’s fine. Because Chuck is all I need TV to be. It is action and it is all heart.


Megan said...

I think it's time for me to start watching Chuck.

[ducks thrown objects]

Heather Anne said...


eclectic said...

Chuck who?

[*ducks even lower than Megan*]

Ashley said...
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Ashley said...

Vicky Vale Vick va Vicky Vale Vickety Vickety Vickety Vicky Vale Vick va Vicky Vale.

Ratings are stupid.

Jennie said...

Now I have that Vicky Vale thing stuck in my head, Ashley, THANKS A LOT.