Thursday, 18 August 2011

If I were a crayon, I'd be green with envy because DID YOU READ KAT'S POST YESTERDAY? I can't compete with that. So here's this intead.


"What are you eating?"




"What's this one taste like?"

"Purple Heart? Tastes like grape soda."

"Interesting. And this one?"

"Hmm, Neon Carrot. Doesn't taste like carrots, if that's what you were wondering. Tastes more like an orange."

"That's boring."

"YOU'RE boring."

"Anyway. How about this one? Salmon?"

"Ech, tastes like salmon. Raw salmon."

"How do you know what raw salmon tastes like?"

"Oh, once I pretended to be a bear."


"What about Cerulean?"

"Tastes like a gentle breeze."

"Brick red?"


"Piggy Pink?"


"Midnight Blue?"

"The ocean. At night."



"Never mind. What about Fuzzy Wuzzy?"

"Vomit. It tastes like vomit. I'm gonna be sick."

"Ooh, a rainbow!"


kat said...

and macaroni and cheese? what does macaroni and cheese taste like?

(this comment is maybe funnier in my head.)

Jennie said...

Mmm, macaroni and cheese.

You can call me, 'Sir' said...

That was a great ending. Messy. Colorful.


Jennie said...

It's not very realistic, though. I think if you ate crayons, your vomit would be just brown, not rainbow colored.

linster said...



eclectic said...

Technicolor yawn!