Thursday, 17 April 2008

Hold me close, young Tony Danza

JennieSo it seems like everyone else put a lot of thought into their songs. They all shared some feelings and probably touched each and every one of you (dirty) in some way. I decided not to go that route. You'll see.

Here are, in no particular order, the Top 5 Songs of My Childhood:

1. Rubber Duckie:

With lyrics like, "you make bathtime lots of fun," and "when I squeeze you, you make noise," this song seems a bit more inappropriate than I remember, but as a kid, I loved it. Ernie was a little too attached to that rubber duckie, but what do you expect? His life partner, Bert, was a bit of an unfeeling bastard. He had to get a little love from somewhere, so why not his rubber duckie? (YouTube tells me there's a new version of this song, but I refuse to watch it.)

2. Chipmunks

I could have gone with any song here, really, but I had a particular fondness for the songs from The Chipmunk Movie. Not that new abomination of cinema, the old cartoon version. I tend to form an unhealthy attachment to all things I love (see: books, cheesecake, Rivers Cuomo, The Office) and my obsession with The Chipmunks was no different. I watched the show, had a little Alvin doll, wore The Chipmunks on my clothes, and BEST OF ALL, I had a talking Theodore stuffed animal. I took him to the dentist with me when I was six because I had to get some teeth pulled. The problem with going to the same dentist NOW that I did as a child is that he remembers this.

3. It's Not Easy Being Green:
Seriously. It's not. Do you know how much those low-energy lightbulbs cost? ZING!

4. I Wanna Dance With Somebody
: Oh, Whitney Houston. How I loved you back before you met Bobby Brown and discovered that crack might not, in fact, be wack. I have fond memories of my mom playing this song and my sister and I dancing around the living room, jumping on the sofa (clearly my dad was not home), and singing into invisible microphones. Hell, if this song comes on at any time, no matter where I am, I have to fight the urge to jump on a table, sing along, and flail my arms around in an attempt to dance gracefully.

Embedding disabled? WTF, YouTubes? Whatever, you can watch it . . . HERE.

5. The Gopher Guts Song (stay with me): So when I was little, my dad taught me this song. It soon became my favorite song to belt in the car, much to my mother's dismay. I knew it completely grossed her out, which was part of the appeal. I soon taught it to the kids at school and the kids at daycare and my sister and, really, anyone who would listen to me for a few minutes, and we sang it and sang it until every adult in a 20 mile radius wanted to tar and feather my father. True story. Sort of.

I was going to record myself singing the song, but I really don't want that floating around The Internets, so just . . . here.

Those songs all made me supremely happy as a tiny child. OK, they still make me happy. In other news, here are five adult songs that make my insides happy, no matter what sort of mood I'm in:

The Underdog

Yeah, I know that's six songs. I never was any good at math.

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