Wednesday, 30 April 2008

I speak for the trees, for the trees have no tongues.

First published seven years before I was born
and read cover to cover till the cover was worn,
this book is a book that means so much to me
this book that defines me is The Lorax, you see.

The first several pages are dreary and dank
and give the impression the old Once-ler once stank.
Then BAM! the page turns and the scene's lush with color
and the world that you live in seems quite a bit duller.

Those Truffula Trees with tufts softer than silk
emitting the smell of fresh butterfly milk!
How I wanted a Truffula Tree in my yard
and a Lorax to live there and always keep guard.

And that greedy Once-ler had the same exact thought
but his motive was nefarious and icky as snot.
Instead of enjoying the beauty of that tree
The Once-ler thought only of dirty green money.

He chopped down that Truffula Tree with a WHACK!
and soon called in the rest of his pack.
They chopped down those trees again and again,
they chopped down those trees and only stopped when
there was nothing left.

The land was barren, dirty, and spoiled.
The Brown Bar-ba-loots looked around and recoiled.
The Swomee-Swans choked in the smog.
The Humming-Fish left to escape the dense fog.
Nothing could live in a land so dirty.
Even The Lorax left with a heart that was hurty.

It's easy to think this is nothing but fiction,
but look around and you'll see the affliction.
From forests clear-cut because it's easier that way
to beaches so dirty you'd swear it foul play.

I knew as a child all this was preventable
and so I decided to prevent the lamentable.
To law school I went and then EPA
and there I work to this very day.
I'm trying my best to speak for the trees,
but it's an uphill battle, so I'm asking you, Please.
Please try to walk when walking will do.
Please turn off the lights and recycle, too.
We all live here on this planet together;
if we all do our share then things will get better.

We are each and every one a Lorax, you see,
and a Lorax, I think, is the best thing to be.

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