Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Canardies, Day Two!

The next Canardie goes to the sweetest gal in all of internetdom. Please give a warm round of applause to Shari of Eclectic for her Most Comments on The Collective Canardie!

(Speech! Speech! Speech!)

My fellow dwellers of the blogosphere:

THANK YOU for the honor of this award!

Ever since I learned of the coveted Canardie, I have… well…, coveted it. Of course, this was unnecessary, since by the time I had learned of the Canardies, I had already been awarded one. But let no one say I am above doing the unnecessary, because I’m here to tell you that I nearly ALWAYS find time to accomplish whatever is unnecessary, as I believe I’ve demonstrated here.

I’m particularly pleased with this “Most Comment Love Canardie”, being that I enjoy ambiguity. To be specific, does “most comment love” mean that I’m simply a time-wasting sycophant clogging the ethernet with too-frequent drivel; or does it mean that my love-filled comments lack wit and acerbity? Doesn’t matter! Either way, you see, it results in an award for ME… which makes me better than all you other witless, time-wasting sycophants out there. Life is what you make it, I always say.

I have never before experienced the incredible joy that derives from receiving a fuschia rubber duck in the mail, along with Whoppers and Gobstoppers. It has transformed me, AND my trophy shelf, as the following photograph illustrates:

Thank you, Collective!! I only hope that you continue to provide me with daily opportunities to litter the internet landscape with my comments -- such as they are-- for years and years to come.

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