Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Q&A with Heather B.

Heather B. from No Pasa Nada has a deep connection with The Collective, she has spent time--drunken time--with us not once, but twice. That is a world record. In blog years, doesn't that mean she is practically related to us? Despite her constant traveling, she made time to answer a couple questions.

Let's get off to a fascinating start. Where were you born?

Upstate New York. Albany to be exact.

Fascinating. What was your favorite book as a child? What was your favorite book as teenage know-it-all? What is your favorite book now?

As a child my favorite book was called I love You Forever by Robert Munsch. Actually I own everything he has ever written even stuff translated into Spanish. Then I went through a Judy Blume phase and would do exercises to increase my bust. Judy Blume is good for the angst. And now my all-time favorite book is Catcher in the Rye. I quote Salinger a little more frequently than most people should. I even have a t-shirt with a cartoon-esque drawing of his face on it. I once thought about naming a child Zooey.

I think Kat has that shirt. Or Jennie. Or maybe they've just talked about it.

How long have you been a vegetarian for? When was the last time you ate meat?

I became a vegetarian during my Freshman year of college. I rarely ate meat prior, especially over the summers at sleep away camp. I started eating fish again before I moved to Spain. The last time I ate meat was actually last September. I was a house guest for a friend of mine and I thought it would be rude to be demanding. So I ate the pulled pork and spent the following week ill.

What is the ideal situation in which to access the internet?

Sitting in the comfy chair in my living room on my MacBook with the television on. At work it's far too slow and I like the ambient noise when I write.

Most you've spent on an item of clothing... and how did you justify it?

A pair of Stuart Weitzman patent leather ballet flats. It was three years ago and I still wear them religiously. They fit perfectly and are practical yet cute.

Way to not say how much it was, hee. Three years mileage? Totally justifiable.

Do you ever feel like quitting blogging?

Honestly I don't. Every so often I need a few days off but then all of these words just build up in my brain and they must come out someway somehow. And that way is usually via my fingertips straight to wordpress. I have been trying not to stress about blogging. I only blog three days a week on my personal site and then on two other sites. Blogging is still fun for me and I've yet to have any horrible experiences. Fingers crossed that people don't start a flame war against neurotic lushes.

What would you say if a little kid asked you what sex was?

"Jesus Lord Almighty. Where the hell is your mother?"

Favorite TV show?

THE L WORD. I actually have regular post-L Word conversations with Ms. Heather Anne Hogan. We are both deeply vested in the success of Bette and Tina's relationship. They're meant to be together. Every relationship has their problems; both parties just need to work through them together.

Recording that has been in your DVR the longest?

I don't use my DVR. I know! For shame.

Where is your favorite place to shop?

Banana Republic. I have never been disappointed when there. They have everything and there is a sale every two weeks. I affectionately call it 'Naner'.

What was your first blog post ever about?

I decide to be all original and put my boredom with my relative adulthood to good use by starting a blog. I even quoted Grey's Anatomy. I was a giant cliche.

I was totally the same way. Except I was pretentious too and quoted Anais Nin or someone instead of Grey's.

What keeps you up at night and what is your routine for getting to sleep?

Hypomania usually keeps me up at night and my routine for getting to sleep is Lithium.

Favorite alcoholic beverage?

Chenin Blanc white wine or a nice blended red. Like a Grenache and Shiraz. I love me some wine. In case you didn't get the memo.

Favorite non-alcoholic beverage?

Poland Spring raspberry lime sparkling water. I'm addicted to the stuff.

Preferred brand of bottled water?

Poland Spring or Deer Park. When I'm feeling super pretentious then I go for the Fiji.

You travel a lot. Any special rituals?

Well first off, all of my liquid toiletries are already in 3oz bottles and in a quart-sized bag. So I just keep them in there. When I get to the airport, I keep my liquids and my laptop in the same bag (different compartments) so that I can get them both out and on the belt quickly and efficiently. Also I wear slip on shoes through security. I am anal retentive about TSA and what they do but what pisses me off even more are those who totally ignore the rules and try to just pack regularly-sized lotions in plastic bags as if that will get them through. And then they have the audacity to yell and throw hissy fits about it. I think I'm harping on it because I watched a woman lose her shit today because they took away her Oil of Olay. Read the f*cking rules.

< /rant >

Favorite song to karaoke to?

I'd rather have my teeth pulled out one by one than sing Karaoke. I HATE KARAOKE. And yet I've been known to participate while under the influence.

Who is the best person at Big Buck Hunter?


What is your favorite Collective memory?

TequilaCon! Though I missed seeing Heather Anne there but dude, that was a party. A very drunk party with tater tots. And tequila. And a drunk Abigail.

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