Friday, 25 July 2008

Phone it in Friday: PRIZES!

I think Mysterygirl! said it best: "Ugh, SO much cuteness this week. I don't think I can take it."

But you guys held fast! You persevered! You made it through the disgusting cuteness! And some of you won prizes!

Winner for Heather! Anne!'s picture: Mysterygirl! "Mah wingspan: let me show u it."

Winner for Abigail!'s picture: Scott! "It runs on renewable energy but scientists fear that, with millions of them on the road, the emissions might become a problem."

Winner for Kat!'s picture: Grad School Reject! "Is that person about to drink my beer? I'd hate to have a cut a bitch during my pool day."

Winner for Jennie!'s picture: Sir! "Oh, you f***ers are gonna pay."

We'll contact you about your prizes. In the meantime, please post some childhood pictures of yourself. Or at least tell us a story from when you were wee.

UPDATE! There's more! We are also awarding Grad School Reject with a prize for Jennie!'s picture. "And it was at this moment, staring at the 4 year old child, that Donnie Darko knew he had met his match." (One of us miscounted the votes. Sorry.)

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