Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Boy howdy.

So the weekend before last I had three glasses in front of me that kept getting refilled

all mine!

and because they kept getting refilled I transformed into a Dancing at the Speed of Light Machine

dance fever

and all that dancing left me quite hungover indeed the following morning but because I am nothing but committed I had a (lot of) beer(s) and watched football anyway

and flew home next day only to turn around and drive to New York to see The National

but the lines were so long I had to order my drinks in pairs

which somehow led me to the Hard Rock Cafe in Times Square for more drinks

which is seriously the last place I needed to be because next morning we drove immediately back home to see these lovely people get married

where of course there were more drinks and staying up until 5:30 in the a.m. which, again, is something I did not need to do because we had a hockey game to get to

where there were more drinks and you know what? That trip to The Channel on the way home is rarely as brilliant of an idea as I think it is.

Wait, does all that make me a child or just an alcoholic?

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