Friday, 24 October 2008

Phone It In Friday: Results!

Abs heather Jennie

The winners! These are based solely on guessing the right person.

First Place: 7/10
Jenn the Not

Second Place: 6/10

Third Place: 5/10

and Bertha & Sally... who didn't get in Thursday votes in on time, but we counted anyway because we're nice.

Consolation places go to Sarah G, Scott, and Candice who played all four days but didn't make the leaderboard. Vahid and Jamie participated some of the days. If any of them had a higher percentage than the above, we would have had a prize for that, but this contest was a little hard. Sorry.

We also suggested you guess the costume. We didn't give points for those because, honestly, we're not even sure what some of the costumes are. However, GSR successfully guessed the second picture from Day 3: Heather Anne has Richard Simmons. Yeah, just let that soak in. (And you were all right about Abigail as the iPod dancer too. When she wore the costume nobody got it.) So, he'll get a prize as well. GSR and Jenn the Not, watch your mailbox for prizes!

Now! Our next contest! Please send us your costume pictures from any year! We'll be making up categories so if you've got a most embarrassing costume, or perhaps a most revealing (...Scott), or maybe best couples costume, or home-made costume, or--you get the idea. Send us your pictures and you might totally get a prize! Send your photos to canardcollective[at]gmail[dot]com ASAP.

And here is who's who. Two of us used to be blonde.



Halloween 2006 (iPod Nano)

HAH oc17-001 (Small)





halloween 003

halloween 002

Thanks for playing!

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