Tuesday, 7 October 2008

kicking ass across the board


Most days I feel like there are a lot of things that make me an adult. A full time job, a house, a Sallie Mae montly debit from my checking account that happens regardless of how much money is actually in my checking out, trust me I know. Other days I feel like my life is too good to be true. I feel giddy with the thought that I could drive and get ice cream on my lunch break. That I have a car that I can use WHENEVER I want. That I could play hookie and no one would care. The Early Twenties feel like perfection. I can't lie about that. I desire no other life.

Last night I had lots and lots of wine. It didn't feel like too much til I was crawling in to bed unable to really type. And wow, despite how many truly terrible and truly brilliant decisions I made before my first drink ever (and there are so many on both sides of that fence), it was the ability make the right decision in the face of alcohol that made me proud.

Abigail M. Schilling, having only slight regrets post-drinking since 2006.

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