Tuesday, 28 October 2008

The Great Wiener Mystery, Part II


[Part I]

"Oh, noes!" said Bartleby.

"Oh, yes!" said Tomas.

And Danny just had time to cover his face before they were overrun with the zombie cats.

They all fell over again, but this time Bartleby's brothers were the fraidy cats. First they jumped at Danny (a dog so small!) and just as the returned to earth--with a four-footed landing--they bounced right back up again, hair on end, eyes bugging out as they made eye contact with a one-eyed captain at the helm of ghastly pirate ship.

Tomas hadn't seen the captain though, he'd seen the giant (giant!) slice of pumpkin pie resting beside the captain's wheel.

Tomas had a choice: be eaten by zombie cats in a brawl or get some more pie. With his mind quickly made up, he wriggled his lithe body out of the mess of fur and ran up the rope tied to the cleat just like those rats that carried the bubonic plague, that's how efficient he was.

They say there is nothing like the sound of cat on a hot tin roof, but "they" have never heard the sound of a Dachshund trampled by cats. Danny hollered and hollered and hollered, but it was no use. The cats had gone crazy.

All of them except for Bartleby, who realized that for the first time his brothers were scared of something he wasn't. Bartleby whispered to Danny. Danny, filled with equal parts curiosity and fear followed Bartleby and ended up on the dock, nose to nose with the sea-faring vessel. With the manic fraidy gang rumbling towards them, Danny and Bartleby hastily joined Tomas aboard.

"Now!" Tomas yelled and the ship pushed out from port, making quick work of the ropes with his miniature rat teeth.

"Welcome aboard!" the captain said. She spun around to face her new friends. "Well, what do we have here? A dog, a cat, and a rat?"

Danny looked down. Bartleby looked down. And Tomas jumped right for the pie.

"Not so fast!" she grabbed the pie and Tomas landed head first on the deck. "Before pie, I must know, arrrrrrrrrrre ya committed?"

"Committeddd emmm to whatttt?" Danny asked, shaking in his little hot dog booties.

"Halllllllloweeeeeeeeen of course!" she bellowed into the night and spun the wheel. The trio slowly nodded ascent.

Danny hoped he could be a pirate instead of a Dachshund. Bartleby hoped he could hide out from his spooky brothers, and Tomas hoped he could eat enough pie to hold his own.

But the captain had bigger plans...

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