Monday, 20 April 2009

The first rule of being a spy: never fall in love.

heather It would be easy for a person who excels at mediocrity (like I do) to get a real complex hanging around at Collective HQ, while Abiagil!, Kat! and Jennie! make a habit of waking up awesome every day of their lives. They are best at a lot of different things, but this week we get to talk about my best thing: crushes.

We're supposed to write about our most recent crushes this week, which, for me, is kind of the same as writing about my first crush -- there are too many for me to remember their proper order. In a given week, I could literally fall in love twelve times: with people I know, book characters I meet, authors who write the book characters I meet. But today, I'm going to talk to you about my fictional television crush/girlfriend, Agent Sarah Walker fromNBC's Chuck, because despite my cajoling and prayer, none of you are watching this show; so the only option left open to me is to seduce you. Let us begin.

You may look at the above picture of Agent Sarah Walker and think to yourself, oh, just another smokin' hot CIA agent in black lingerie who managed to beat down a bad guy while tied up with a leather belt. But Sarah Walker is so much more that.

She can drink coffee and weild a gun at the same time:

She loves a good at-home board game night:

She drives a sexy, sexy car:

She's totes a nerd:

This is what her bed-head looks like (+ nice t-shirt!):

And here's the thing about Sarah Walker: she'd a badass, yeah; but she's warm and empathetic and she fell in love, not with an asshole super spy, but with the adorkable underachiever with the crazy big heart, Chuck Bartowski.

Oh, also she's Australian. Funnest country/continent EVER.

The problem with Agent Sarah Walker is that Chuck is on the bubble, and unless ratings tonight and next Monday are super spectacular, NBC is probs going to cancel her. You can support my crush/girlfriend by watching tonight at 8:00.

Or she can just kick your ass.

Chuck is hands-down the best show on TV right now. Better than Lois and Clark ever was. And if you think that's easy for me to say, you don't know how hard I crushed on Superman.

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