Thursday, 23 April 2009

I love LARP

Jennie Just the other day, Joe and I were getting in his car to go to dinner, and what should I see in the field in front of me? Why, a sword! Sticking out of the ground! Like Excalibur! And around this sword swooped a fire-breathing dragon! And gremlins! And other scary stuff! Like zombies! And orcs! Remember orcs? They were in that movie! About the ring! They are gross!

Luckily, a knight stood before us! His cape billowed in the breeze as he knelt on the ground in front of the sword, head bowed. Then he leapt! And spun around the creatures that were all, "We are totally going to kill you, knight guy!" And he grabbed that sword and pulled! And the sword was free! FREEEEEDOM! is what the sword would say if swords had mouths instead of sharp, shiny edges.

He was not done, though, oh NO he was not. The brave knight jumped and parried until all of his enemies lay defeated. What bravery! What courage! What style! I had to thank him.

Me: Thank you, brave sir knight!
Joe: Stop yelling at strangers.
Sir Knight: What ho!
Me: Hey, he just called me a ho! YOU SCALLYWAG!
Joe: Sigh.

OK, none of that really happened. Except the first part, sort of, but I have a feeling that only happened in the knight's head. And the knight was really a kid wearing a Spider-Man beach towel as a cape and playing King Arthur or something in the field by Joe's apartment. And if you think it's weird that my current crush is a kid in a fake cape, then you should know that I'm dating the grown-up version of him so it makes total sense.

Anyway. The kid looked like a mini version of McLovin in Role Models. Like this, basically:


Here is a very bad video of the event, with some commentary:

And then, right after we turned the video off, he started swinging the sword all around and he totally jumped over that bench and did some karate chop moves and kicks and stuff and it was awesome.

The end.

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